Archivist is co-designed by Trine Tronhjem Pedersen and I. The archive cabinet is specially designed for all the small things we have at home, but don’t have a place for.
With Inspiration from the ancient Egypt, the idea of an intarsia (wood inlay) have been given a functional meaning, and tells the user where to open each drawer or cabinet door, and how deep the compartment is.
The cabinet consists of 17 drawers and 2 cabinets, where each of these are designed for specific objects.

The cabinet has been inspired from mumifikations, and how the mummies and the objects they would bring to the underworld was stored. The type of storage was made for particular object, which described the ideology of protecting and a way to cherish something by placing it in a container specifically created for this object.

The cabinet is funded and made possible by The Danish Egyptian Dialog Institute and produced in cooperation with Pinocchio Furniture in Damietta, Egypt.