The Bend Lounge is part of the Bend series, which is designed as a part of the development of the interior and furniture design for the foyer in the residential apartment building ”Space apartments” by the Brazilian architect Vasselai Inc.
The series is designed with inspiration from the Scandinavian design tradition, and is as well based on a graphic fascination. This can be seen in the base, which is made of strict geometric stainless steel. Through soft bends, an inviting expression is created, which draws references to Danish classics. In the meeting between the more organic shell and the simple base, a clear graphic understanding of the overall expression of the chair is created.

The series, which consists of a lounge chair, sofa, high chair, bench and coffee table is designed with a focus to meet the needs of a dynamic foyer. In this connection, the lounge chair is intended as a medium for a mix of activities, and invites you to have a nice conversation with the neighbour, but also a place where you can reply an important email. This is visualized through the organic shaped shell and a soft, heavily woven textile, which is complimented by the relatively thin profile of the shell and a graphic strict frame.