Devian is an upholstered pouf with a front facing metal bar, which makes daily routines such a tying shoelaces or putting on socks easier. This can at first seem as minor problems, but can be some hard tasks with an elderly body.

The idea behind the pouf is to make a piece of furniture with focus on both function and aesthetics. It was important not to stigmatize the elderly’s reduced physical mobility, but instead make a product that could be used by all, be a decorative part of the home and most importantly make their everyday life easier.

The inspiration for the pouf was drawn through a body of research upon problems faced by elderly.

It is impossible to avoid diseases and wearing of the body after many years on a hard labour market. Especially kyphosis, which represents a curved spine, is a common disease for elderly. Up against 20-40% of the elderly population is troubled by kyphosis which complicates bending of the back, and gives general back pain. Elderly people with this disease are therefore largely troubled by tying shoelaces and putting on pants and socks. However, it is not only the elderly who have difficulties with these daily routines, and it was therefore important to find a solution that would fit all, but especially help the elderly.