The idea behind Fold was to have a little fun and take a break from a busy and focused everyday life. The approach behind the lamp took inspiration in a playful and light-minded place. Especially party fans were a main inspiration, with a fascination of the soothing repetition of the folds and the way the costumer interacts with the product when unfolding the fan themselves. This particular interaction between consumer and product became a central focus for the design, with the desire to create another approach to the connection between object and subject. By unfolding and placing the paper shade into the aluminium stand the table lamp enhances this pleasant yet playful interaction.

Through a relatively direct approach to the original source of inspiration and an interest in traditional Japanese fans, it was explored how it would be possible to best enlighten the paper fan and at the same time connect a more industrial expression with a soft and inviting warmth.

To emphasize the playful and loose approach to the design, extensive work was done on colours and materials, in order to create a wider range of combinations, thereby making it easier for the user to find a lamp that fits one's own type.