Based on an aging society in which people are more and more often affected by dementia, it was desired to create a room divider that could provide a better old age for especially residents of nursery homes with the disease.

By designing a room divider, which through materials and colours, among other things, could give references to the residents' former homes, it was the aim to shield for stimuli (sound and traffic in the room) and at the same time to create smaller, intimate and more safe rooms for nursing home residents.

The aim of the room divider has been to give the dementia-affected people a better opportunity to use the common areas, as the walls with the acoustic and shielding feature provide smaller and easier to understand spatialities. By emphasizing the domestic expression of the product, stigmatization of the elderly and their illness will be avoided, and at the same time the product will be easier spread to the private market and other areas of the contract market.