The assignment was designed on request from Billund Airport for a public space for plane-spotters, institutions and people on excursion. As the area was placed in Denmark the first thought was to make a space, where the planes-spotters could watch the planes from a covered area protected against wind and weather.

The pavilion was designed with walls to divide the otherwise open room. These walls are placed in order to give separate spaces for the flight-spotters and the other visitors, but also to connect the pavilion to the surrounding area. To give a better function, the roof was slanted which gives the flight-spotters a better view of the airport airspace.

Form follows function - and since the space is intended for flight-spotters, it has therefore been important to give them the best facilities for spotting aircrafts.

It was decided to form the design of the pavilion, in order to obtaining the best view of the runway. In cohesion with the slanted roof it was therefore possible to provide a bigger overview of the runaway and the airspace above.