The hanger “Rising Sun” is a graphic interpretation of the sunrise in the morning, and an attempt to encapsulate a part of Japanese aesthetics and culture. 

To master a craft, is very much a part of Japanese culture, which in many ways are shaping their aesthetics. This can be seen in the delicate way of controlling a Bonsai tree’s growth, or to forge a Katana. Both of these arts requires a sharp eye for perfection, and the knowledge of knowing when an object is done.

Different Japanese artefacts as the Uchiwa fan the national flag have made ground for the inspiration of the design process. The metal circle of the hanger is representing the sun of the flag, and can be used for coats or jackets. The circle is mounted in a hand-crafted piece of wood that represent the cultural aesthetics of the country. On the inside of the crafted wooden piece a small hook facing towards the wall, for smaller jackets or towels.